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Röyksopp tease new project coming this weekend

Hints have come via a new official Instagram account

Röyksopp have launched an official Instagram account, through which they are teasing a new project.

The page was launched this week, and the bio currently reads: "Press R. January 1, 2022. Follow the official Röyksopp Instagram in the next 48 hours for your first clue." A link also embedded into the bio takes fans through to the Norwegian duo's official website, which carries the same message.

It's not yet known exactly what they are teasing, but the duo's last studio album, 'The Inevitable End', was released in 2014, with a series of remixes, collaborations and archive releases having been put out in the interim. 

The duo had described 'The Inevitable End' as their final album when they released it in 2014, saying in a press release: "We feel like this is a goodbye to the traditional album format. In our consecutive run of albums, we have been able to say what we want to say and do what we want to do with the LP. We're not going to stop making music, but [in] the album format as such, this is the last thing from us."

While the duo could be teasing a return to making and releasing an album-length project, it's not yet known exactly what they have planned. Follow the Instagram account here.

Earlier in 2021, a limited edition vinyl copy of the duo's album 'Melody A.M.', was sold for $8,450 on Discogs.