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The Brighton record shop is up sizing!

Brighton record store Resident Records is set to expand its shop.

The much-loved wax haven has taken over the space next door and plans to open to the public today.

Resident owners Derry and Natasha Watkins, said, “We’ve recently taken over the lease of the shop next door and over the last month we’ve been bringing the two together. We’ve got a temporary partition between them but as soon as the partition goes up we are open. It’s touch and go but we are hoping to be open by Friday.”

It’s no secret that vinyl is currently experiencing a surge in demand, with the Recording Industry of America (RIAA) recently reporting that vinyl in the US now generates more revenue than all the major free music streaming platforms combined.

“There has been a huge increase, especially with younger people, which means there is a much wider range available now… Young people who used to be interested in CDs are now looking for vinyl so the record companies have started bringing out newer releases on vinyl with limited edition presses and covers and things to respond to that demand,” Mr. Watkins finished.

You can find Resident Records in Brighton at 28 Kensington Gardens. 

[Via The Vinyl Factory]