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Return of Top 100 Clubs winner Green Valley in doubt after being destroyed by cyclone

A cyclone hit the state of Santa Catarina back in June

The return of Top 100 Clubs winner, Green Valley, is in doubt after the club was destroyed by a cyclone earlier this year.
In June, the Brazilian club released a statement confirming they were among the thousands affected by a bomb cyclone that hit the state of Santa Catarina. No staff were injured, but the club's outdoor structure was badly damaged.
Now, following the disaster, the material losses and damage caused by the cyclone at the club is estimated to be around $4 million Reais. “Every structure that was placed at the end of 2019, the main stage tent, roofs in the cabin area, dressing rooms, was all destroyed,” co-founder Eduardo Phillipps said in a statement.
Unfortunately, the club has no forecast or how and when they will rebuild their structure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but Phillips says that the team's enthusiasm to reopen remains, and concrete plans will be established post-pandemic.

He also added a message of thanks to all the support received throughout this month: “I would like to thank all the strength, support and love of everyone who sent messages of solidarity. Here at GV we have already fulfilled some of our dreams and thousands of people, we are moved to joy and good times with music. There will be no lack of will and strength to try to live it all again.“

Green Valley came on top in DJ Mag's Top 100 Clubs poll in 2020 for the third consecutive year.