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Jack Ramage
25 October 2023, 16:38

Richard Norris announces memoir, Strange Things Are Happening

The book will explore his involvement in the indie and punk scenes, his work on the UK's first acid house album, and more

Richard Norris announces memoir, Strange Things Are Happening

Producer, musician, DJ and author, Richard Norris has announced a memoir titled Strange Things Are Happening.

The book, set to be published next April, chronicles Richard Norris's evolution from the punk scene and his involvement in the DIY indie world, to his production of the UK's first acid house album, ‘Jack the Tab’, in 1987 with Psychic TV.

The memoir will guide readers through numerous stories from Norris' life, from underground acid parties in London to massive raves in Ibiza. It also recounts experiences like navigating customs at Heathrow with Sun Ra, making appearances on Top Of The Pops, working on film sets in Los Angeles, and embarking on travels across the world.

Speaking on the new book, Norris said: “It’s been a blast travelling down the sonic rabbit hole I first dived headlong into as a teenager. There are anecdotes and tall tales aplenty here – many strange things happened, and continue to do so – yet, first and foremost, I wanted to create and deliver an engaging piece of writing.”

“A tribute to the power of creativity, collaboration, and community within music. Writing this memoir has given me a greater insight into why I do what I do, why I continue to do it, and why I always will. Hopefully, that spirit of curiosity and creativity will rub off on and inspire anyone who reads it.”

Earlier this year, DJ Mag spoke with Richard Norris, along with a number of other artists and academics, on a feature exploring the relationship between ambient music and mental health. You can revisit the full feature here

Strange Things Are Happening will be published by White Rabbit on 25th April 2024 in hardback, trade paperback, audio and ebook, alongside a Record Store Exclusive Edition. You can preorder a copy here.