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All is revealed in a Triple J interview…

Earlier this week, DJ/producer RL Grime engaged in a short, yet informative interview with Veronica Milsom and Lewis Hobba of Australian radio station Triple J.

Speaking of the details of his collab with What So Not and Skrillex on 'Waiting', RL Grime said, “I had an idea for a song and he [What So Not] had an idea for a song…I guess somewhere along the way What So Not and Skrillex got together and they touched it up a bit and worked on it.” He states the idea for “Waiting” came to fruition in a studio in Sydney, Australia along with some other cool behind-the-scenes facts about the track.

RL Grime also goes on to say that he’s “working on an album right now that will likely be out next year and then likely touring off of that.”

Hopefully, he won’t have us ‘waiting’ for too long. Until then, we’ll have his amazing previously released tunes and future mixes to survive off of — stream some below.