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Ross from Friends launches new free plugin and 50GB of samples

The new tool was designed when he was working on his album ‘Tread’

Producer and DJ Ross from Friends has released a free new tool for music makers, and 50GB of samples from his studio. The tool – called Threso – was designed to record every sound once the volume goes over a certain threshold, and to stop the recording once it drops below a certain threshold. The audio file is timestamped and automatically moved to a folder to access later. 

Of the tool, Ross from Friends said: “Over the course of writing ‘Tread’, Thresho automatically created this audio diary of everything I did in the studio. The album is defined by this process, so I wanted people to be able to interact with it to get a closer understanding of the album as a whole.⁣⁣”

As well as letting other producers use the tool – which is a Max for Live plugin – the Ninja Tune producer also uploaded 50GB of samples that were made using Threso over the course of the album’s recording. You can download the sounds and the plugin here – RFF will be sharing some of his favourite projects made using the sounds and will be sending gifts to those he reposts on his Instagram.