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Martin Guttridge-Hewitt
16 March 2023, 16:03

RP Boo announces album of archival material, ‘Legacy Volume 2’, spanning 2002-2007

13 tracks from a pioneer of Chicago footwork 

RP Boo Legacy Volume 2

RP Boo has announced a new album of archive material spanning 2002-2007. The compilation will land digitally and on vinyl 12th May via Planet Mu. The single 'B.O.T.O.' can be heard below.  

Spanning 13 tracks, the forthcoming collection features seminal work from the Chicago footwork originator, some of which provides deeper context to the sound, scene and producer. 'Eraser', for example, was inspired by the venue War Zone and the combative taunts dancers on the floor would exchange.

Elsewhere, 'Total Darkness' pays tribute to the dance troupe of the same name, and 'Pop Machine' was named after Boo's time working at a Speedway Oil Change with a temperamental drinks machine. The tune also created a blueprint for minimal takes on the genre. 

“The footwork scene was very scattered around. [There were] very few places to see footworkers showcase their moves. Then around 2005, things stated to change when the War Zone, created by Wala [Jerome Williams] on the West Side of Chicago, gave a platform for the dancers to come and do what they do best. Then, Battle Grounds surfaced on the South Side of Chicago where you would hear the future of footwork tracks being played by DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn," said Boo. 

In February, another Chicago footwork icon, DJ Clent, unveiled a new EP in tribute to his late mother. DJ Mag recently invited Juke Bounce Werk member DJ SWISHA to record a mix for the Recognise series, and chat to Tice Cin about friendship, club culture and his mysterious former alias.