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Brian Coney
25 April 2023, 15:07

Saigon’s Nhạc Gãy releases new album from experimental electronic collective, Rắn Cạp Đuôi: Listen

'*1' is the follow-up to their acclaimed 2021 debut LP 'Ngủ Ngày Ngay Ngày Tận Thế'


Vietnamese party collective Nhạc Gãy have released the new album from experimental electronic group, Rắn Cạp Đuôi. Listen below. 

The Ho Chi Minh City outfit's eight-track second album, titled '*1', follows their 2021 debut, 'Ngủ Ngày Ngay Ngày Tận Thế,' which was released via Berlin imprint Subtext. The group have been at the forefront of sound art and experimental music in the city since forming in 2015, playing regular live shows including one non-stop 48-hour performance and an appearance in Nhạc Gãy's Boiler Room. '*1' is described as a collection of "nonlinear surreal soundscapes, presenting a variegated sonic tapestry of collages, glitch, and plunderphonics that embodies themes of love, seclusion, and misunderstandings."

Founded in 2019 and fuelled by a desire to "connect and explore a constantly evolving shared identity," multidisciplinary collective and label Nhạc Gãy have held high-energy raves across Vietnam. As well as releasing their debut compilation, 'Nhạc Gãy Tổng Hợp Số 1' in 2021, they have collaborated with the likes of NTS and Boiler Room. Read DJ Mag's 2019 feature on the collective here

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