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Christian Eede
6 June 2023, 15:53

Saoirse announces 'fabric presents' mix with new single, 'RM 1': Listen

It features new and exclusive cuts from Shanti Celeste and Saoirse herself

Saoirse announces 'fabric presents' mix with new single, 'RM 1': Listen
Credit: Seb Peters

Saoirse will mix the next instalment of the 'fabric presents' compilation series.

Out digitally on 14th July, the 70-minute mix takes in tracks by the likes of Luca Lozano, Geeneus, Kosh and DJ NORMAL 4, as well as new and exclusive tracks by Shanti Celeste and Saoirse herself. You can listen to the latter cut, 'RM 1', which is dedicated to Saoirse's experiences of dancing in the London club's famed main room, below.

In addition to the digital release in July, the mix will be given a physical CD release on 8th September, while a double-vinyl package featuring eight full-length tracks from the set will also come out on the same day.

Speaking about the release, Saoirse said: "It's hard to articulate what doing a 'fabric presents' means to me, a club and mix series I feel truly indebted to. I think about myself as a DJ now and how I've pulled together a sound from the feelings and textures of those little tin cases, the techy swing of Craig's 'fabric 01', the mind altering drums of Shackleton’s 'fabric 5' or the risk taking of Villalobos' all-own productions of 'fabric 36'.

"To find myself sitting among my biggest heroes – words can't explain how good it feels, but it feels fucking good."

Check out the mix's full tracklist via Bandcamp.

Saoirse's contribution to the 'fabric presents' series follows on from recent mixes by Chaos In The CBD and Mind Against.

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