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Christian Eede
24 November 2023, 15:14

Sama' Abdulhadi releases 'fabric presents' mix compilation: Listen

It features tracks by Pan-Pot, Coyu and Sama' Abdulhadi herself

Sama' Abdulhadi releases 'fabric presents' mix compilation
Photo credit: Samar Hazboun

Sama' Abdulhadi has released her contribution to the 'fabric presents' mix compilation series.

Out today (Friday, 24th November), the mix follows on from recent outings in the series by the likes of Saoirse and Helena Hauff. Out digitally, as well as on CD and a double-vinyl release featuring select tracks from the mix, it spans techno, psytrance and hip-hop.

The Palestinian techno DJ's first official mix compilation release, 'fabric presents' takes in tracks by the likes of Pan-Pot, Coyu, Flug and Acid Arab and more, as well as a new cut by Abdulhadi herself, titled 'Well Fee'.

Reflecting on the compilation, the DJ said: "When I started to compile this release I just started to think initially about all the cool artists that I like but, as there were so many to choose from, I focused on the ones that really speak to me and get me out of bed any day, any time. I think every track I have finally selected here is like a poem; a scream; or even a slap in the face!

"When I looked back at who I eventually chose, I was shocked to learn that they are mostly people like me. I really never look at the origins of where an artist is from when selecting what I play. I didn't know I was adding the Latin youngsters to it, for example. And when I discovered where they were from, it just made sense. They have so much to say, and they are yelling through a synth, like I am when I perform."

To celebrate the compilation's release, tomorrow night (25th November), Abdulhadi will play at fabric alongside Sama’ alongside Victor Ruiz, Dasha Rush & Adriana Lopez, Tapefeed, Carbon, Jason Kaakoush, Darbak and AYN. Profits from the event will be donated to The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund

In a statement shared today to mark the release, Abdulhadi said: "The past 5 weeks have been unbearable for me and many others as we watch the events unfolding in Palestine. It has been almost impossible to continue with my work whilst I watch my people suffer. A few months ago fabric asked me to curate and mix an album for their iconic fabric presents series, which is finally out now. It was an honour to put together an album for a venue and institution that has continually supported me as an artist and as a Palestinian. They have always highlighted our cause by giving a platform to Palestinian talent, showcasing and elevating our existence in a world that often excludes and erases us. 

"All the artists I have selected on this album mean so much to me and I am so proud to call them my friends – their music represents the resilience that we are going through at the moment. This Saturday is the launch party of the album at fabric London and they will be donating all profits to Gaza via @pcrf. I’m grateful and honoured to be a part of something that has shown so much support for me and the Palestinian community. However, I do find it uncomfortable to actively promote the release in the normal way. I hope you understand it and let the music do the talking. Thanks to all of you who continually support me and the people of Palestine."

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