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Sepehr announces new album, ‘Pomegranate Skies’, on GARMO

The Iranian-American artist's latest LP  explores sonic themes of heaven and hell, dualities, split identities, and chaos


Sepehr has announced details of his new album, 'Pomegranate Skies'.

On 27th October, the New York-based, Iranian-American artist will make his debut on NAFF's techno-focused sub-label GARMO with the 11-track album. According to the press release, the album "explores sonic themes of heaven and hell, dualities, split identities, and chaos".

It adds that the album is a "reflection of the ever-constant existential chaos in his mind, reflecting a musical journey through all the different influences and inspirations of genres and electronic music eras throughout his life but also a nod to the amorphous weight of divine weirdness that inspires his music."

"There’s something in here for all types of listeners," Sepehr wrote in an Instagram post announcing the album. "This record is about in between places; I wrote this as an imagination of a middle ground, a sacred place where absurdism rules, genres don’t exist, and everything is imagined through the lens of a pseudo spirituality and religious dogma that isn’t actually real. Dark and light, biblical and mythological themes collide in a playful way, and the sense of cohesion in the music is there but also isn’t.

"‘Pomegranate Skies’ is a nod to my imagination," he added, "a place where you can control and create a heavenly or hellish landscape as you please, with no restrictions and no bounds. It symbolizes recontextualizing things (trauma, pain, history, etc) to aid in your joy, and going against the grain with your art/life endeavors no matter how much the landscape changes and how much society pressures you to be anything that you are not.

'Pomegranate Skies' follows on from Sepehr's 'Diaspora Cocktail' EP, which was released back in April. Pre-order the album via Bandcamp and stream lead single 'Fall From Grace' below.

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