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Shaquille O’Neal reveals he has been working on new music in the studio with Diplo

The basketball legend has declared his love of "bass and trap"...

Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal, as known as Shaq and more recently DJ Diesel, has revealed, in an interview with Page Six, that he has been in the studio with Diplo.

He told the site: “I really look up to Diplo and Skrillex. I’m working on some music with Diplo at the moment and would love to get in the studio with him and Skrillex soon.”

It follows the former basketball star taking up DJing seriously in 2015, playing gigs including Tomorrowland under the name DJ Diesel, Declaring his love of “bass and trap”, earlier this year he released ‘Bang’, a single with DJ Nghtmre and Lil Jon.

It’s not his first foray into music. In 1993 he released the album ‘Shaq Diesel’, which he told Page Six went platinum. A sole comment on Discogs praises the album’s production and guests while calling Shaq ‘probably one of the of the worst rappers of all time (he doesn't deserve the title MC).’

Shaq will be throwing his own party, Shaq’s Fun House, in Miami on March 29th to coincide with Ultra Music Festival and WMC. Past guests have included Tiesto, Diplo, Lil Jon and Jamie Foxx, and Shaq promises this year he’s “recruited some of the best DJs in the world straight from Ultra Music Festival to play at the Fun House.”

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