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SHERELLE announces debut EP, ‘160 Down The A406’, shares title track: Listen

"'160 Down The A406' is a product of wondering what the next stage of my life will be during 2020"

SHERELLE has revealed full details of her production debut, a two-track EP titled '160 Down The A406'.

Having built a reputation in recent years for her footwork and juke-focused DJ sets of 160BPM club music, the release of '160 Down The A406' – which features the title track and another cut called 'Rhythm Love (Feel It) – marks the first time SHERELLE has shared her own music.

Speaking about the EP, SHERELLE said: “'160 Down The A406' is a product of wondering what the next stage of my life will be during 2020. The two tracks represent discovery and they mean a lot to me as I feel like I am always searching for the new and unknown. I wanted for my first introduction musically to be different. I feel like I rarely show a softer, emotive side to the world and these tracks are supposed to be warm and forgiving. Something which wasn’t the case in 2020 for me. Although I had gained a lot, I also lost all my income and was feeling super isolated.
"Producing for me was a way of dealing with all the anxiety and sadness that I had felt. I also went through a lot of self-discovery of what I truly wanted out of life and asked myself if I was truly happy with things. The outcome of this are two reflective tracks which feel full and fuzzy. They are supposed to make you happy. Like anything I do… I just want people to be happy and dance. 
"The name '160 Down The A406' comes from harking back to where I am from but also the times I have been on my way to somewhere but zoning out… thinking about life… or on my way or coming back from a party… Those journeys can be some of the most underrated when it comes to self reflection."
You can listen to '160 Down The A406' below, ahead of the EP's full release following digitally and on vinyl on July 6th.
The announcement of SHERELLE's debut EP follows on from the news last month that she was launching a label and platform for Black and LGBTQI+ artists called BEAUTIFUL.
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