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Olivia Stock
18 May 2023, 13:40

Skrillex teases third 2023 album “London is Londoning, Next album is albuming”

The resurgent DJ and producer is only just getting started 

Photo of Skrillex wearing a black t-shirt.
Credit: Marilyn Hue

Skrillex has confirmed the rumours that he will be releasing at least one more album in 2023.

Earlier this week, the LA-based DJ and producer shared a carousel post on Instagram, depicting studio sessions with a number of artists including Jyoty, Sam GellaitryTSHARandomer, and more. The caption read: “London is Londoning, Next album is albuming.”

More artists who appeared in the gallery post include Logan, zeina, ISOxo, RHR and Miss LafamiliaFred Again..Four Tet and Sam Interface are also tagged in the post, but do not appear in the images or videos. 

The upcoming release will be Skrillex’s third in 2023, following ‘Quest For Fire’, his first full-length project in nine years, and the poppier ‘Don't Get Too Close’, which he surprised fans with less than 24 hours later.

News of a possible third LP initially broke last month, during a party with Rinse FM host Jyoty. During the show – where Skrillex and special guest M.I.A. were also performing – she hopped on the mic with the announcement: “We’ve been here working on a new Skrillex album.” The following day, Skrillex posted a cryptic list on his social media that read “QFF”, “DGTC”, “SKRLX” and “CONTRA”, alongside “23”.

The third album, likely titled “SKRLX”, will follow a string of high profile performances from the DJ in recent months, including landmark sets at Coachella and New York’s Madison Square Garden, alongside Fred Again.. and Four Tet, and a five-hour set at Colorado’s legendary Red Rocks amphitheatre.

Check out Skrillex’s new album teaser below.