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Someone made a seven-day long playlist of Human Resource’s ‘Dominator’

It features remixes from Armin van Buuren, DJ Isaac, Rebüke and Outblast & Angerfist

Someone has made a seven-day long playlist of Human Resource’s ‘Dominator’.

Iconic hardcore rave track 'Dominator', produced by electronic music group Human Resource, was released in 1991 via 80 Aum Recordings, and has since been remixed by over 50 artists.

Now, Spotify user Ian Wade has compiled all 'Dominator' remixes available on the platform, alongside the original, into a seven-day long playlist of the classic and its subsequent reworks.

The playlist features remixes from the likes of Armin van Buuren, DJ Isaac, Drumcode affiliate Rebüke and Wax Worx, as well as hardstyle DJs Outblast & Angerfist, Dub Foundation, and Michel De Hey.

You can check out the playlist, which comprises of 168 hours of music, below. 

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