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Swedes rack up 10 million new subscribers in last five months...

Spotify has released new figures showing its dominance over Apple Music in the ongoing streaming service war.

The Swedish company has now reached a whopping 40 million paid subscriptions, with 10 million of those joining in the last five months alone.

Spotify's CEO and founder Daniel Ek teased at the milestone on Twitter, before confirming the numbers via 9To5Mac.

Over the same period of time, Apple Music has only gained a further four million, bringing its total up to 17 million overall.

Meanwhile, smaller players present a mixed bag. Jay Z's Tidal reporting $28 million in losses in 2015 (more than double the losses of the previous year).

However, Amazon and Pandora are both hoping to entice more casual listeners by undercutting the competition. According to the New York Times, both services are set to introduce $5 subscription fees in the coming weeks.