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Spotify is charging songwriters and publishers following “overpayments”

The streaming service have demanded refunds...

Spotify are reportedly collecting refunds after overpayments were made to songwriters and publishers from the streaming service in 2018.

The music streaming service have revealed they intend to collect the overpayments made through family and college subscription plans, in accordance with new Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) regulations. 

“According to the new Copyright Royalty Board code regulations, we overpaid most publishers in 2018” Spotify shared, “While the appeal of the CRB decision is pending, the rates set by the CRB are current law, and we will abide by them — not only for 2018, but also for future years in which the amount paid to publishers is set to increase significantly.”

Spotify also shared in the statement that they would extend the repayment period for publishers to the end of 2019 to "minimize the impact of the adjustment on publishing companies."

The news follows an appeal from Spotify against increased royalties for songwriters.

Earlier this year, the Swedish Data Investigation Authority announced they would be investigating Spotify around the subject of consumer's rights to data access.

Via Digital Music News.