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Steve Aoki launches workout app, Aoki Bootcamp

He has also released a comic book series, Neon Future...

Steve Aoki is moving into the fitness business, launching a brand new workout app called Aoki Bootcamp.

Aoki says that his busy schedule makes it hard for him to stick to a fitness routine, but would fit in some workout time wherever he could.

"I’m the kind of guy who will work out wherever I am, whether I’m in the green room or backstage at a festival or in my hotel room," he explains. "I’d been putting my workout on social media and people would come up to me and I thought that I really wanted to bring this out so people can join in."

The workouts on Aoki Bootcamp require no special equipment, and can be carried out anywhere. Subscriptions to the app though will cost $12.99 a month or an annual subscription can be obtained for $99.99. The app is available in Apple's App Store and via Google Play.

Aoki also earlier this week unveiled plans to launch a comic book series he's calling 'Neon Futures'. The story will follow a future where humans and technology exist in harmony, avoiding the kind of dystopian vision you might get from this concept from others.

"A general plot is that technology is destroying humanity," Aoki said. "The robots are going to make us their slaves, or the human species is going to be exterminated by technology. But in this case, we are going to become augmented. We use technology for the good. It’s a different kind of story."

Earlier this year, Aoki announced that he would feature as a character in the new Star Trek Command video game. Read our feature on how gaming became dance music's newest frontier here.