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Died in hospital on Thursday...

Japanese electronic synth pioneer Isao Tomita has passed away aged 84.

The Tokyo-born composer passed away in hospital on thursday afternoon from chronic heart failure.

Tomita’s career began in the late 1960s, inspired by the likes of Robert Moog and Wendy Carlos.

He was one of the first to import and own a Moog III P synthesiser in Japan and inspired a new generation of electronic composers in his native Japan.

During his composing career, Tomita released over 20 albums, with 1974’s ‘Snowflakes Are Dancing’ earning him a Grammy nomination, the first for a Japanese artist.

On Sunday, a message on Tomita’s official Facebook page said he was working on a new musical titled “Dr. Coppelius”.

Tomita told the Japanese Times in December that he would really like to see ‘Dr. Coppelius’ finished but wanted to make sure he stayed healthy during the process.

“My priority right now is staying healthy, but I’d like to finish ‘Dr. Coppelius’ as much as possible so that, even if something happens to me, others could finish it.”

Synth nerds, movie fans and music producers alike can all take inspiration from his work, and words.

Check out a lengthy lecture with Tomita during RBMA's Tokyo edition in 2014 below.