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Mars89 hosted a protest rave in Tokyo: ‘We Dance Together. We Fight Together’

"We dance, advocate and raise objections by affirming ourselves"

Mars89 has hosted a protest rave in Tokyo.

The Japanese DJ and producer organised the Shibuya Protest Rave in the country's capital on Saturday (26th October).

In advance of the event, which featured sets from the likes of Miru Shinoda and Mari Sakurai, Mars89 - whose 'TX-55' we premiered back in October - offered up the slogan, "We Dance Together. We Fight Together" in relation to the event's open resistance against racism, anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination, sexism and more.

In a statement, he said, "When kick and bass in dance music moves your body, you will feel your body existing and affirm it positively. Dance is a behavior that makes yourself recognize, and it could be a way of resistance in the society where oppression caused by totalitarianism is spread. We dance, advocate and raise objections by affirming ourselves. That reminds us of the worth of individuals and problems inside this country. As existences of ourselves, we resist the situation overspread in this country."

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