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Take a sneak peek of Behringer’s Minimoog clone

£400 synth was announced last week…

Behringer has shared some preliminary designs for their recently announced Minimoog clone, the Behringer D. You can see them below.

The company’s founder Uli Behringer shared the details via a post on the Gearslutz forum, stating that the designs were from an early prototype.

The synth is a clone of Moog’s iconic Minimoog and is expected to cost just £400 when it’s finally released.

The synth will work as either tabletop device or as part of a wider system mounted in a Eurorack case.

“Our goal is to design in a Poly Chain feature that allows combining up to 16 synths through MIDI,” Behringer said on the forum. “Depending on the feedback we will then decide if we move further and build a first prototype.”

The Behringer D is unlikely to be handmade like the original Moog considering the extremely competitive price point, but will offer producers an affordable alternative to the original which can cost upwards of £4,000.

The news follows the announcement that Behringer are set to release a line of affordable synths later this year, which retail for just $49.