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These videos of abandoned Italian nightclubs are strangely alluring: Watch

Finding beauty in the abandoned…

Some enterprising YouTubers have been clambering over fences and breaking into abandoned clubs in Italy to document some of the country’s most iconic clubs including of Cosmic, Garden and many more — and there’s something strangely alluring about the footage.

Most clubs get swallowed up by property developers — like the iconic Hacienda, which has now been reduced to a simple silver sign outside some posh flats — whilst some venues become museums; a sort of cultural signpost from a by-gone era before the money-men came knocking.

For most venues though, they become abandoned relics, frozen time and often forgotten — and there’s a certain beauty in this abandonment, often acting as a pseudo time-capsule to the past where social and sexual barriers were being broken on a weekly basis.

Check out some of the videos of Italy's iconic abandoned discotheques below.

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