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Tomorrowland employees confess to selling drugs on festival site

Several crew members reportedly admitted to the offences

Tomorrowland festival employees have confessed to selling drugs on site, it has been reported. 

Belgian news broadcaster, VTM news, anonymously interviewed two crew members at the festival, and were told that "crew members deliberately work for the festival to deal drugs", further adding that one crew member alone had sold "36 pills, 4 grams of coke, 6 grams of speed and 4 grams of ketamine".

A spokesperson Tomorrowland has shared the following statement: "We emphasize that the zero tolerance policy also applies to all our 10,000 employees. Checks are carried out at the crew during set-up and festival days, at the crew entrances and exits and at the crew campsite. We are convinced that this misplaced behavior of some crew members is very exceptional. The majority of our crew have been working very hard on the festival in recent weeks and we are very grateful to them for that. It is a pity that they are now in a bad light." 

According to The Brussels Times, over 60 people were caught selling drugs at this year's Tomorrowland, which marked the 15th edition of the festival.

The Freedom stage at Tomorrowland suffered a partial roof collapse ahead of the festival's second weekend, which resulted in the cancellation of Eric Prydz' EPIC 6.0 performance.

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