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Tulum city council to create new regulations to stop raves

The Mexican city is concerned about losing its tourist image of luxury...

Tulum city council are introducing new regulations to curb the number of festivals and parties the Mexican city is increasingly attracting.

With more and more raves migrating to the coastal city, which hosts festivals including Day Zero and Comunité across the local jungle and cenotes, public officials are concerned that the number of dance music tourists is souring their image as a luxury destination. 

The city's tourism director Eugenio Barbachano Losa explained the planned regulations to Riviera Maya News: “With these festivals came a tourism that we had never seen before in Tulum.” He added that “our tourism is ‘barefoot luxury’, one of the most expensive on the planet and unique in Mexico.”

Barbachano also cited the impact of the raves on local wildlife and the area at large, given many are set in the local national park: "It is counterproductive and illogical to have thousands of people at a festival of lights and sounds in an area where the species are supposed to be protected."

The details of what shape the regulations will take are yet to be announced.