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Marissa Cetin
26 March 2024, 16:47

Two men found guilty of murdering Cody Fisher in Birmingham nightclub CRANE

Birmingham Crown Court have confirmed two murder convictions in the 2022 Boxing Day stabbing at the large Digbeth venue

Two men found guilty of murdering Cody Fisher in Birmingham nightclub CRANE
Credit: Sky News

Two young men have been found guilty of the murder of Cody Fisher at Birmingham nightclub CRANE on Boxing Day 2022.

Remy Gordon, 23, and Kami Carpenter, 22, were convicted on Monday, 25th March, after a 10-week-long trial at Birmingham Crown Court, BBC News reports. The court heard that Gordon and Carpenter, first arrested on suspicion of murder days after the attack, targeted Fisher at CRANE on 26th December, after he "brushed past" Gordon two nights prior at a crowded Popworld bar in Solihull. The third defendant, 19-year-old Reegan Anderson, was not convicted of murder but was found guilty of public group fighting charge affray. 

The murder weapon was a six-inch blade which was not detected by the club's security checks. Leading up to the attack, the defendants sent Snapchat group messages trying to track down Fisher and talking about wearing masks. In the aftermath, CCTV footage showed them joking about the stabbing in a local pizza takeaway joint. Carpenter had bought plane tickets to Jamaica for after the killing but was arrested before the flight. 

Cody Fisher, aged 23, was a physical education teacher and non-league football player at several Midlands clubs. He was at CRANE with girlfriend Jess Chatwin and best friend Dan Vann.

Digbeth venue CRANE has been closed since the stabbing and its license was "temporarily suspended" in January 2023 after the West Midlands police submitted a license review application. The venue's team bid to get its license reinstated in March 2023, but there's been no public follow-up since.