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UA announce Volt, new affordable soundcards with built-in FX

The new range comes with UA preamp and compressor modelling

Universal Audio has unveiled a new range of audio interfaces that feature their own modelled preamps and compressors. The new Volt range starts at an affordable $139 for one input and two outs, all the way up to four ins and outs for $369. 

The new interfaces feature built-in UA preamp modelling as part of the input, which means you can get access to the same UAD sound of their plugins, inside the interface, without a computer. UA has also added a ’76 modelled compressor, which we assume is a model of the legendary 1176, to some of the Volt models for an extra price. When active, anything running to the input of the Volt will be automatically compressed using the highly-respected UAD sound. 

Round back there’s MIDI I/O and a USB-C cable to connect the interface to your computer. Unlike other UAD interfaces, the Volts don’t have any DSP power of their own to run the suite of UAD plugs you might have heard of before, you’ll still need an Apollo or other UA interface for that. But this is by far the cheapest way to access the UAD sound. There’s also a software bundle included with the Volt that features cutdown offerings from Ableton, Softube, Celemony, Relab, Plugin Alliance, UJAM and Spitfire Audio.

Visit the UA website for more on the Volt interfaces here and watch the video below for more info.