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UK drill documentary, Terms and Conditions, is available now

"Some call it music. Others call it a problem." 

'Terms and Conditions' a new feature-length documentary film about UK drill, is out now. 

UK drill artists Skengdo x AM have been quoted, talking about 'Terms and Conditions' saying: "Through this documentary, we hope people will better understand the people and the community behind drill music. Deleting drill is not an option. It's a creative expression that tells the story of our lives and experience." 

Presented by YouTube Originals, 'Terms and Conditions' explores the cultural impact of UK drill, a genre which has long-since been used as a scapegoat by the authorities for encouraging violence in young people. 

Original music has been produced for the documentary by Skengo x AM, Kidavelly and Drillminster. 

Watch 'Terms and Conditions' below: 

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Last year, Drill MC Rico Racks was banned from using certain words in his music.