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Underground Radio Directory collects independent online radio stations from around the world

So far it includes radio stations from 53 different cities...

A new website has been launched that collects independent online radio stations broadcasting around the world.

The Underground Radio Directory went live earlier this month, and currently hosts a total of 86 radio stations from 53 different cities spread across 28 countries around the world. The team behind the directory are welcoming new submissions for radio stations, and will continue to build the list of broadcasters.

Currently featured amongst the stations on the directory are NTS and Balamii in London, New York’s The Lot, Berlin Community Radio, Noods in Bristol and Glasgow’s SubCity Radio.

You can choose from a list of the stations or let the Underground Radio Directory do the work for you by selecting the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ option when you visit the site here

A new online radio station called Foundation.FM recently launched in Peckham. The station has been launched with the aim of showcasing various parts of the underground music scene and its founders have set out a focus on centring women and non-binary people.