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Universal Audio launch new DAW and Moog clone

UA have announced Luna, plus their first instrument plugins for UAD

Universal Audio have launched a new software platform Luna. The new app is a recording and mixing environment, expanding on their console system, offering near zero-latency monitoring and a built-in Neve summing system. There's also built-in multi-track tape emulation and new instruments including an officially-licensed Minimoog clone, a Ravel Grand Piano instrument and a new sampler called Shape. UA say there's more instruments to come from UA themselves, Spitfire Audio and more. 

Think of Luna as an integrated DAW for UAD plugin users, incorporating their DSP and plugin systems into a music-making interface, rather than just the Console interface that offered zero-latency monitoring previously. While Luna is a free download, there's no word yet on the prices for the Neve summing, tape emulation and other instruments. Luna will only work on Mac on launch and only on Thunderbolt Apollo interfaces – USB users are out of luck. We'll have a video review of the whole system soon.