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Vinyl pressing plant launches express service for super limited releases

Mobineko’s new service promises to deliver press runs of 25-100 copies within four weeks


Taiwanese vinyl pressing plant Mobineko is launching a new express service for limited runs of 25-100 records. 

The Mobineko Express service promises to deliver pressings of limited releases in a four week turnaround time. The company claims it has spent the past few years designing  a brand new press with the purpose of being fast and efficient for small pressing runs.

A statement from the company says: “With Express you get the exact same materials and quality control that you expect from Mobineko but orders are strictly limited to 100 or less. 

“Ordering is simplified (no choice of cutting studios) and there is a smaller range of packaging options to keep things simple and fast.”

The service will be initially provided to existing Mobineko customers, with plans to expand in future. Sign up here for more info here.

The announcement comes in the midst of an incredibly difficult time for those wishing to press music to vinyl, with manufacturing delays, huge demand and rising costs resulting in lengthy release push backs for many. Read our recent investigation into the issues surrounding vinyl production here

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