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Berghain’s door policy has become almost as famous as the techno DJs the Berlin nightclub has nurtured since opening its doors in 2004, striking fear into the hearts of ravers across the planet. But now you can practice getting past well-known and much feared doorman Sven Marquardt. Sort of.

Over the weekend a website called surfaced, which uses facial recognition technology and voice control to decide whether you will get in to the venue that was recently voted No. 16 in DJ Mag’s Top 100 Clubs poll. It uses questions like, “Are you alone?” “Have you been here before?” and “Do you know who’s playing tonight?”

Sven revealed that who gets in at Berghain is more to do with achieving a “mix” of people in a recent interview with InTheMix. In it, he said, “I want to make sure it’s a good party. And getting the feeling of what that will require early on each night is [my] main motive. I always dislike parties with big groups of the same people – if everyone’s doing the same thing then I get bored very quickly and want to leave.”

You can give the virtual Berghain doorman a go to see if you’d get in on the Berghain trainer website, and check out photographers Vincent Voiginer and Barbara Bernardi recent pictures of weary ravers propped against the venue’s infamous metal fence after leaving on a Sunday morning below.

Rob McCallum is DJ Mag’s digital news writer. Follow him on Twitter here.