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Christian Eede
3 July 2023, 15:49

Watch the vinyl record creation process from start to finish in new video

A new video from Posthuman's Josh Doherty explores the work that goes in to producing vinyl records

Watch the vinyl record creation process from start to finish in new video

A new video shared online has offered a behind the scenes look into the process of creating a vinyl record.

The step-by-step guide to the process, which looks at it all from start to finish, was shared via YouTube by Josh Doherty, one-half of UK acid duo Posthuman. It focuses specifically on how the 100 hand-numbered and stamped copies of their latest record, 'Buzzing 24/7', were produced.

First, it looks at the production process of the two tracks that comprise the record, as well as their rendering and mastering. It then looks at the process of cutting the lacquer, sometimes known as a dubplate. This part of the process allows those producing the vinyl record to check for any issues and cut out any potential distortion.

Following further steps, the video looks at the final process of pressing the record to vinyl to produce the copies that will be sold to the public.

The video was filmed at the Mobineko pressing plant. Early last year, the Taiwanese press plant unveiled a new pressing machine specifically for short runs, aiming to reduce the global bottleneck for vinyl production. Declan McGlynn spoke to Josh Doherty at the time about the problems facing vinyl today, how the new machine works and what impact it could have on the future of vinyl.

Despite a continued resurgence in popularity, manufacturing delays and rising costs are straining small, independent vinyl labels particularly. Paired with environmental concerns and a reassessment of what physical releases can entail, it has seemed to some as though the wax bubble has been on the verge of bursting. Read DJ Mag's investigation into the matter here

Watch the full video below.