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This website uses artificial intelligence to create your own mixes and mash-ups

Smash your favourite tracks together at the click of a button...

If you’ve ever casually thought that a particular song’s vocal would go great over a house or techno track, but not had the production knowledge to have a go, now is your chance to prove yourself very wrong. 

A new piece of software, ‘Rave DJ’, is an AI-based mashup and mix platform which allows you to easily combine audio from anywhere on the internet and create a new track in a matter of seconds. It's harrowing. 

The page invites the user to enter in a number of YouTube or Spotify links, and offers a ‘Mash-up’ button which then puts the sounds together to form a mix after a process of rendering. We recommemnd giving yourself nightmares by smashing The Venga Boys and 'The Bells' together, Darude 'Sandstorm' with 'Kiss From A Rose' and 'Energy Flash' with 'First Cut Is The Deepest'. 

You are also able to automate mixing many songs into your own generated "DJ set".

There is even a Reddit dedicated to discussing the fruits of the platform’s users. 

Rave.DJ comes after the first fully AI music producer, SKYGGE, released its first music last year. 

And an artificial intelligence program was supporting Taryn Southern in writing pop music last year. Southern said at the time, “in a funny way, I have a new song-writing partner who doesn’t get tired and has this endless knowledge of music-making.”