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The world’s first AI DJs playing AI music are here

It was only a matter of time but the pandemic has hit-fast forward on the virtual club concept

Sensorium – the social VR music platform whose list of collaborators include Carl Cox, David Guetta and Armin van Buuren – has announced that it’s teamed up with AI-music generating platform Mubert to create the world’s first virtual avatar DJs playing only AI-generated music. Sensorium claim they’re “the world's first AI-driven DJs that will autonomously create a constant flow of ever-changing music that adapts to all kinds of moods and environments.” 

By collaborating with Mubert, the platform is shifting focus not just catering to real-world DJs placed in virtual environments, but fully virtualising the experience, including the music itself. The music has the ability to be created in real-time by the virtual DJs, “based on an extensive database of samples”. The music generated will depend on the crowd’s reaction. You can get a sense for Mubert and how quickly it can generate music from only a few tags here. 

There are a number of implications for the technology, not just that the DJs don’t need to be paid, and the music doesn’t need to be paid for, but the curation of the look and sound of a perfect transition DJ between two ‘real’ ones, or a warm-up DJ is now a few clicks away. Judging by the music currently available on Mubert – you can generate your own here for free without an account – while it’s impressive, it’s the equivalent to what you might hear on a podcast or advert, rather than in a club. You can watch the video below to get more of an insight. It’s only a matter of time before those algorithms improve. How widely we see the tech implemented will be an interesting development in the years to come, as the virtual club was fast-tracked into reality in 2020. 

Since its foundation, Sensorium has raised over $100m in funding and recruited some big-name DJs as mentioned. It was created in partnership with the likes of Yann Pissenem, creator of the Night League who own Hï Ibiza and Ushuaïa as well as music streaming service TiDAL. It launches in 2021. Find out more here.