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Christian Eede
5 April 2024, 17:38

Worldwide FM and Gilles Peterson launch grassroots music funding initiative

Studio Monkey Shoulder will put a £10,000 investment into one community project

Worldwide FM and Gilles Peterson launch grassroots music funding initiative

Gilles Peterson and Worldwide FM have partnered with Monkey Shoulder Whiskey to set up a new music initiative which is designed to empower and celebrate the grassroots communities of music scenes around the UK.

Studio Monkey Shoulder will recognise and support one community initiative, supporting a UK-based person embedded into a scene to turn their passion project into a reality with a £10,000 investment. This could include community radio stations, independent record stores and music venues, as well as DJs, artists and promoters.

The winner of the prize fund will be selected by Peterson, who commented: "This is exactly why I started Worldwide FM radio and there are so many other incredible community-driven projects out there I want to uncover, which is what excites me about Studio Monkey Shoulder. We have no idea where this is going to take us but can't wait to see and hear it."

The community, collective or music organisation who receive the investment will also have the opportunity to create their own event and feature in a series of films and radio broadcasts, all produced in collaboration with Worldwide FM.

To find out more, and submit an application for the funding, head here.

Back in 2022, Worldwide FM announced that it would be reducing its broadcasting service as part of a "re-organizing and re-evaluating the next phase" of its existence. In a social media post shared a few days before the announcement of Studio Monkey Shoulder, Peterson gave an update on the station's plans for broadcasting in future.

"Our plan... is to focus on emerging voices, spaces and grassroots music communities that are moving the culture forward and help them reach wider audiences. Think of this more of an evolution than a return - using what we have built thus far to invest in the future and shine a light on talent coming through. Gilles will keep broadcasting on Thursdays and over the coming weeks we will bring some new programming from new voices, WOH & members of the wider WW Family. We will continue to seek investment & partnerships from and with people and organisations that share our values & vision."