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Brian Coney
4 July 2022, 14:20

Gilles Peterson & Brownswood Music announce Future Bubblers for 2022

The 10 new, unsigned artists and their mentors have been revealed

Gilles Peterson & Brownswood Music announce Future Bubblers for 2022

Gilles Peterson and Brownswood Music have revealed this year's Future Bubblers.

Following on from last year's outing, which featured the likes of electronic producer Nowsm and new wave R&B artist Victoria Jane, the talent discovery and artist development scheme has selected 10 new, unsigned artists and their mentors for 2022.

Among the artists confirmed as Bubblers for its seventh outing are multidisciplinary artist Romy Nova, Ireland-born, West London-raised artist Coex, Birmingham-born, London-based producer and vocalist Arli, and Michael Diamond, whose debut album we wrote about here.

Each year, Future Bubblers get paired with an industry mentor who is tailored to their individual needs and receive one-to-one production workshops from Ableton, performances at live Future Bubblers showcases, live session recording from the Brownswood basement, press shots and long-term support beyond in their career. 

Supported by Arts Council England, Future Bubblers aim is to promote and encourage music across the country with a particular focus outside of London. Last month, The Future Bubblers hosted their own stage at Brighton’s The Great Escape festival, which saw performances from previous Bubblers including Neone The Wonderer, Madi Saskia, and Plumm.

You can see the full list of artists and their mentors below, and check out Future Bubblers presents Year 7 Bubblers show on Worldwide FM here.

Future Bubblers

Romy Nova - A multidisciplinary artist blending bilingual lyricism and hypnotic harmonies, Romy Nova’s sonic landscape switches between light and shade. 

Mentor - Dave Okumu

Nouria Bah - Nouria Bah is a musician, vocalist and producer. 

Mentor - Duncan Ellis

LANDEL - Hailing from Birmingham, Landel (real name Oli) is a versatile alt-R&B artist who incorporates running themes of love and relationships throughout his music.

Mentor - Janelle Fraser

Tiffi (Ney Liqa) - Born and raised in Stockholm, singer, songwriter Ney Liqa moved to London to further immerse herself in the culture.

​​Mentor - Emily Kendrick

Coex - Ireland-born, West London-raised Coex sits within the Electronic musical landscape, stemming from his teenage years which were spent playing the piano and acoustic instruments.

Mentor - Alex Patchwork 

Jackie Moonbather - A Sheffield born and bred artist defined by his DIY approach to music-making.

Mentor - Ellie Best 

Arli - Birmingham-born, London based producer and vocalist Arli originally built her name as a Grime MC in the early 2000’s. 

Mentor - Hannah Petter

Michael Diamond - Hailing from Kerala, India, Michael Diamond is now based in Oxford where he holds a music scholarship. His music lies in between the vast landscapes of jazz and electronic, championing a genre-bending sound which he prefers to avoid categorising.

Mentor - Aaron L

Marysia Osu - A Polish-born harpist-beatmaker-producer. Classically trained on the harp she expands the possibilities of her instrument with electronics. 

Mentor - Commodo

Petrelli - Based in Leeds, Pertrelli Purple is a multi dimensional artist-producer who describes his sound as "miscellaneous north” based on his accent and the cities he has frequented.

Mentor - Seb Smith