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Michael Diamond announces debut album, ‘Third Culture’

The Kerala-born, Oxford-based producer explores the complexities of “third culture” identity across seven-tracks of jazz-influenced electronics and UKG

Michael Diamond announces debut album, ‘Third Culture’

Michael Diamond will release his debut album, ‘Third Culture’, via  Vasuki Sound this summer. Listen to ‘Emergence’ below. 

Across seven tracks, ‘Third Culture’ merges “ethereal jazz-breaks, introspective 2-step, sax-driven power ambient and world-building, story-telling electronica”. The Kerala-born, Oxford-based DJ and producer’s debut LP also examines the complexities that come with being a “third culture kid”, someone who was raised in a culture other than that of their parents. 

Speaking about the album’s themes, Diamond said: “My parents immigrated to the UK when I was young and although I’ve loved and soaked up the culture of the UK growing up, I am still viewed by many as a foreigner.

“On the other hand, when I return to India I am seen and treated as a Westerner. Over time, this has left me feeling that whilst I possess aspects of both cultures, I don’t truly belong to either one, leaving me with a fractured sense of cultural identity.

“People and cultures are becoming more and more intertwined,” he continued. “South Asian movements like Daytimers, No ID, Dialled In etc have been instrumental in this shift. I think that through everything that’s been happening this year I have achieved a greater understanding of my own cultural roots and this album project is a big reason why.”

‘Third Culture’ is accompanied by a short story written by Áine Kim Kennedy, a friend of Diamond’s of Korean and Irish heritage. 

‘Third Culture’ will be released on 7th June and follows Diamond’s ‘Silk Road’ EP on Salin Records from last year. A resident at Oxford’s Simple club night, he has previously played alongside the likes of Batu, Ben UFO and Shanti Celeste, and has been given props by the likes of Gilles Peterson and Butterz’ Elijah. 

Pre-order ‘Third Culture’ here