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Prince’s Yamaha DX7 synth used on 'Purple Rain' is up for sale

The purple one’s synth is expected to fetch around $25,000

Prince’s Yamaha DX7 synth is going on sale in a new auction, alongside some other studio kit and belongings, including an E-mu EMAX sampler. The synth, which according to MusicRadar was played by the legendary musician on his track ‘Purple Medley’, and also used on the recording of Purple Rain the album and the subsequent tour. 

The synth was bought from Prince along with an E-mu EMAX sampler by sound engineer Shane T. Keller in 1995 when Prince was struggling to fund a tour due to his dispute with label Warner Bros. It features masking tape with hand-written preset labels including ‘Kiss LP’, ‘Dope Drum’ and ‘Another LP1’. The synth is expected to reach $25,000 at RR Auction, on June 18th.

Other items belonging to Prince including a tambourine used during the 1987 MTV Music Awards and handwritten lyrics and a Christmas card are also being auctioned. Place your bids here

prince dx7