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You can now control Ableton Live in VR with new app, AliveInVR

Music making will never be the same again...

Whilst VR has made inroads in the gaming world, it's yet to make a significant impact in music making, until now.

That's where newly released app AliveInVR comes in, the Windows-based app allows owners of HTC's Vive VR system to control Ableton Live with the help of a Vive VR headset and two Vive controllers

Costing just £8.99, the app allows users to control Ableton's DAW with the help of Vive's controllers to launch clips, place triggers in 3D space, play instruments in scale mode and mix your tracks in VR.

The app is still in early access, which means it's not in a completed state just yet but judging by the promotional video the app uses Vive's room scale system to allow users to turn their entire living room into a giant VR music studio of sorts.

Other clever touches include the ability to record your session via a webcam, which opens the door up to unique live streaming performances in the future.

The developer is hoping that by releasing it on early access they can let users help shape the future of the app in the coming months and years.

Check out AliveInVR in action below and head over to Steam to purchase the app here.