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You can now mix on vinyl using virtual reality

The next frontier...?


DJ'ing may never be the same again as German virtual reality company EntroPi Games has just revealed the world's first DJ mixing application that accurately recreates a traditional vinyl DJ setup in virtual reality.

With help from professional DJs, Vinyl Reality has been created to provide an accurate and realistic simulation of DJ'ing with vinyl inside virtual reality with the help of two VR controllers and VR headset.

The software features two accurately modelled turntables, with realistic behaviour, and a two-channel mixer with EQs, PLF and gains.

The German software developer has even gone to the trouble of creating a record crate so users can sift through virtual records in between mixes.

For users who might want to broadcast their wares, the app also supports separate audio output for live streams or performances and the ability to record and export your mixes as .wav files.

In a recent interview with Billboard Magazine, Deadmau5 declared VR as the next big thing in the music industry and Vinyl Reality could be at the forefront of this revolution. 

Vinyl Reality is available now via early access.

Head here for more info.