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With Miller Genuine Draft

We wanted to shine a light on a talented Russian DJ, whose mix during caught the attention of the Miller SoundClash judges.

Siberian DJ LeGmo impressed the judges with an eclectic mix full of surprises. All in all there are thirteen tracks in his set, which swings effortlessly from big room EDM into uplifting deep house, rasping electro and back again, via some genuine curveballs!

Not afraid of a tempo change, Legmo’s creative style of mixing made his entry stand out from the crowd. He expertly builds peaks and troughs in his selection and had the judges attention throughout with his inventive use of mash-ups and edits.

In his entry bio, Legmo stated that he wanted to win the competition to show the ‘kindness and warmth of the Russian soul’.

Listen to the mix below.


LeGmo – RUSSIA - Miller SoundClash by Legmo on Mixcloud