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MiniRigs Bluetooth Portable Speakers delivers full club sound in a small package...

MiniRigs v2 is the new portable Bluetooth version of the original MiniRigs portable speaker that essentially delivers a club style sound from a go anywhere compact package, a bold claim but absolutely true.

These mini speakers have been designed by a Bristol based company PASCE, who know a thing or two when it comes to making pretty decent sound systems, so it is no surprise that the MiniRig set up makes for a very good listening experience.

The full set up consists of two MiniRigs Speakers and additional Mini Rig Subwoofer (all can be purchased separately), comes in seven colours and with a wealth of accessories. Additional MiniRigs can be linked together to build a pretty impressive sound array.

Connecting them all together is done via standard audio cables (included), but the system is also Bluetooth enabled for wireless action, and can also be controlled by a handy app (currently only for Android devices but iOS coming soon) making for simple connection and use.

As mentioned these speakers sound great, the metallic build quality is excellent whilst the relative small size is very deceptive, they kick ass, plain and simple. Loud, clear sound with full deep bass, it is really like having your very own portable club system.

Get ready for the sweet bit, here is your chance to win one of these awesome MiniRig speakers, drop DJ Mag an email to [email protected] detailing why you should be the lucky recipient of one of these mini club speakers.