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Vote will take place on 24th May…

San Bernardino County Supervisor Janice Rutherford is pushing for all “rave-style events” to be banned at the San Manuel Amphitheatre in Devore, California.

In recent years, LA has begun to force out large-scale electronic events to areas outside the city, like San Bernardino, with both Electric Daisy Carnival and Hard being forced to relocate outside of city.

Rutherford’s decision has come about after growing demands from Devore and Crestline residents, who have complained about the excessive noise generated by events like Nocturnal Wonderland and Beyond Wonderland.

In addition to noise pollution, locals have complained about the increase in traffic, drug use, drug-related deaths and public indecency.

Local resident Kim Bridgewater told that rave events go “beyond what anybody should endure” and pose a liability to the county.

If a ban is agreed, it will be a major blow for Live Nation and Insomniac Events who have been hosting events at San Bernardino's Amphitheatre for the last several years.