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Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter confirms ‘Homework’ and ‘Discovery’ were written in his bedroom

Long-held rumours have finally been confirmed

Daft Punk pose in their robot helmets

Thomas Bangalter has confirmed fan speculation that the pivotal Daft Punk records ‘Homework’ and ‘Discovery’ were recorded in his bedroom.

The former Daft Punk producer and DJ, who headed up the electronic duo with Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, revealed in a recent interview that he recorded and mixed their first two albums at home.

In an interview with Matt Everitt on his BBC Radio 6 Music podcast The First Time… Bangalter was asked: “The myth is that ‘Homework’ was all in your bedroom, is that true?”

Bangalter said: “It’s true, ‘Homework’ and ‘Discovery’ were done in the bedroom, in the same flat as I was watching [TV series] Modern Times and we had [Stevie Wonder album] ‘Songs In The Key Of Life’ constantly on the turntables.

“In this small bedroom, my parents had given me this small boombox for my 11th birthday, a JVC boombox with a little graphic equaliser, and I kept this thing.”

He added: “One day when we plugged in a few keyboards and samplers, I found that boombox and I put it on the stack of machines. And that little boombox is what we mixed and recorded both ‘Homework’ and ‘Discovery’ on. That was the magic one.”

‘Homework’ was released in 1997 followed by ‘Discovery’ four years later in 2001. Both records are considered dance classics, as explored in-depth by DJ Mag including how ‘Discovery’ laid the foundations for EDM.

Meanwhile, Bangalter also discussed on Everitt's podcast the duo's decision to split, as well as their musical origins, art, aesthetics and his future solo work.

Earlier this year Bangalter released his debut album of orchestral works, ‘Mythologies’.