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Christian Eede
23 February 2024, 13:08

Daft Punk mark three years since split with Interstella 5555 live stream

The French duo shared the 2003 anime film in a one-time-only Twitch stream

Daft Punk mark three years since split with Interstella 5555 live stream

Daft Punk marked the three-year anniversary of their split yesterday (22nd February) with a special Twitch stream of their 2003 anime film, Interstella 5555: The 5tory Of The 5ecret 5tar 5ystem

The one-time-only stream went out on the French duo's Twitch channel yesterday at exactly 5.22pm ET. Originally released to accompany the duo's second studio album, 2001's 'Discovery', they wrote it with Cédric Hervet and enlisted Kazuhisa Takenouchi, who had previously worked on Dragon Ball Z, to direct. The late Japanese manga artist Leiji Matsumoto oversaw the overall project.

The hour-long film tells the story of the duo's abduction by alien militants and a rescue attempt by a space pilot named Shep. Though the full film has previously been hard to come by online, parts of it were excerpted for the music videos to classic singles such as 'One More Time' and 'Digital Love'.

If you want to watch the full film, you can buy it on DVD or via the Qello Concerts streaming platform. It is also available on YouTube

Daft Punk have marked the anniversary of their break-up each year since the 2021 announcement. In 2022, they announced vinyl reissues of their debut album 'Homework' and accompanying live record 'Alive 1997'. They also livestreamed a rare, unmasked classic live set on Twitch that year, filmed at the Mayan Theater in Los Angeles on 17th December 1997 as part of the duo’s Daftendirektour.

The following year, they revealed details of a 10th anniversary reissue of their final studio album to date, 'Random Access Memories'. Late last year, they also released a drumless version of the album.