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Raising money for the Cure Cancer Brain Foundation...

Seth Troxler is switching decks for hiking boots in an audacious attempt to climb Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation.

Troxler, along with nine inspirational entrepreneurs, will aim to raise $1 million AUD, each with a personal goal of $100,000.

"If each of my fans donated 25p I could reach my goal and if each donated £1 we could raise 4x over that would go towards saving lives," explains Troxler.

With a summit just below 6,000 metres the climb represents a grueling challenge for Troxler  who will probably admit he's not the fittest DJ on the circuit having suffered from deep vein thrombosis in recent years. 

The change in altitude and the lack oxygen obviously makes the climb a challenge for anyone  but as Africa’s highest mountain, the climb offers some of the most awe-inspiring views across Tanzania's lush rainforests, alpine deserts and glaciers.

While the climb is obviously very challenging, the fastest ascent was completed in just 6 hours and 42 minutes on 13th August 2014 by Karl Egloff. And the youngest person to complete the climb was just 7-years-old, which means Troxler certainly has a chance of completing the climb in a respectable time.

So far, Troxler has raised just over $11,000 AUD towards his goal with over 100 days left until the climb which scheduled for 15th July. 

To donate, please head here.