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Nice one, bruva!

Human Traffic: The Revolution has been confirmed by film production company Parallax East, who have also announced Justin Kerrigan, who took the helm of the original film, will return to write and direct the sequel.

Yesterday, Loaded revealed that a Facebook page quietly surfaced in March and has been posting videos and photos taken from the original movie. The limited information currently released reveals that the film is to be set in Cardiff and Ibiza and will be produced by Sally Hibbn, who worked on ‘90s football hooliganism film I.D.

There is still no news as to which characters will return to star in Human Traffic: The Revolution. The original cast included John Simm, Lorraine Pilkington, Shaun Parkes, Nicola Reynolds and Danny Dyer in his film debut, as well as cameos from Carl Cox and the late Howard Marks.

Dyer, who played Moff in the first film, fuelled rumours of his return for the film on social media yesterday, when he tweeted, “Moff. One of my favourite characters ever. That's all I'm saying on the matter.” You can see that post below and get more information on Human Traffic: The Revolution’s Facebook page.

Rob McCallum is DJ Mag’s digital news writer. Follow him on Twitter here.