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1987 Yamaha PSS 570 FM up for grabs...

Pencils at the ready! Dutch electronic maestro Legowelt has launched a drawing competition with a killer first prize: a signed Yamaha PSS 570 FM synthesizer from 1987!

Speaking via his website, Legowelt explains the "the world of NIGHTWIND RECORDS" (his own weird and wonderful record label) and encourages entrants to "be inspired by anything" and use any materials they like.

"Anything goes no matter how far fledged," says the Dutchman. "Make a geofictional map inspired by the music, take the characters out to another place , whats up with this red JEEP Wagoneer, whats going on in NomadoHaven, What is breakfast with Stravinsky like, how does plant psychology work, whats going on in Innsmouth these days, What is a logic that sequences a Feeling ???"

Along with the vintage synth (pictured above), the overall winner will receive a collection of Legowelt tapes and CDs, plus some Nightwind fridge magnets. Prizes then range down through vinyls to a t-shirt and even a book on "A guide to Mind Altering plants from the Northern Hemisphere".

All entries will also be used in the video for future Nightwind Records release too, so everyone's a winner!

The competition closes 27th September, head to Legowelt's website for full details on how to enter.