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Yamaha launches new version of flagship workstation, Montage

The Montage M starts at £3,219

Yamaha Montage M

Yamaha has launched an upgrade its popular and powerful workstation, the Montage. The new version –— Montage M — features a new audio engine called AN-X, which joins an improved AMX2 engine as well as the FM-X, a throwback to Yamaha’s legacy instruments like the DX7. The new AN-X engine features three oscillators, two filters, LFOs for amplitude and filter cutoff, and even a voltage drift emulation to simulate vintage synth behaviour. 

The Montage M features a total of 400 voices of polyphony, meaning you can layer up to 400 notes on top of each other across the three synth engines. Each engine has 128 voices, and the M doubles the memory of its predecessor from 5.67GB to 9.97GB of Preset Wave memory, and up to 3.8GB of user flash storage. 

Yamaha’s legendary synths, such as the CS-80 and the iconic GX-1 are both modelled inside the Montage M, and can be accessed via the seven-inch TFT touchscreen. Yamaha is also launching an Expanded Softsynth Plugin next year to control the Montage from your DAW.

The Montage M starts at £3,219 and is available now. Find out more on the Yamaha website

Yamaha was rumoured to be creating a new version of the iconic CS80 back in 2019, though nothing has been officially announced.