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DJ Weekly Podcast by Italian duo Supernova

Apparently a supernova is a more powerful version of a nova, which itself is a cataclysmic nuclear explosion in a white dwarf star. If you can't get your head around that, concentrate instead on the only metaphorically nuclear Supernova, aka the Italian duo of Emijay and G.O.D.I.

Having already made a name for themselves on Defected, they joi the Noir Music family with the inclusion of 'Clear Vision' on 'Second Chances & New Romances 6.0' (out now). There's nothing cataclysmic about their podcast for us either, which instead offers a celestial encounter with bubbling bass and modern day deep house groove.

1. Alex Savanin - InFlight (Neil Quigley's MiG & Moog Remix) – Highway Records (Promo)
2. Supernova – Something – Original Mix – Lapsus Music
3. Guti – Hope – Original Mix – DFTD
4. Aaaron – Feeling This – Original Mix – DFTD
5. 2 Sides of Soul – Keep Desire – Original Mix – Lapsus Music
6. Ninetoes – Finder – Supernova Remix – Kling Klong (Promo)
7. Metodi Hristov – Over – Original Mix – Suara
8. Benedetto Farina – Blow Out – Original Mix – Chilli Mint Music
9. Supernova – Sound of Thunder feat. Zion – Original Mix – Noir Music (Promo)
10. Alvaro Smart – Rolling Hearts – Original Mix – Lapsus Music (Promo)
11. JP Chronic & Jack Steinel – Do you know Jack? - Original Mix – Lapsus Music (Promo)
12. Supernova & Dosem – The Nasty Way – Original Mix – Lapsus Music (Promo)